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Glove Flirt (1).jpg

Manipulation: Language of Gloves (2006-2013)

Gloves are tactile shadows of our hands. They are impregnated with history, worn for rituals and special occasions marking milestones in human existence. Donned for ceremonies as divergent as marriages, funerals, baptisms, proms and often worn but once, then relegated to a dresser drawer as a keepsake. Gloves are a second skin, a protection, an armor of politeness, which carry their own code of etiquette that has shifted over the ages. Linen gloves were even found as far back as the time of Tutankhamen in Egypt. My work with gloves is my fascination with the language of gloves and how it connects us to our past and when multiples of gloves are sewn together it creates a human memory network like a tactile web.

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