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Unplugged is a series of wall sculptures using discarded cables exploring the intergenerational notion of play: past and present. Past generations explored the woods, built tree-forts, played cord games.  Today, screens are the playing fields of our youth and their cords are connected to play-stations and computers.  I am interested in how different generations interpret play  

Poem excerpt inspired by cable sculpture, "Lightning"
by Linda Aldrich, Portland's poet Laureate 2018, 

"Yesterday I visited the studio of a woman who uses
white extension cords to make intricate patterns,
the plug ends bunch tightly together as though
looking into the center of a peony bloom,
or a clutch of baby robins, beaks open,
beckoning, the long cords wound round
and through a hoop in a pattern of nest-building
or a matrix of longing surrounding a heart"


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