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Beneath the Forest, Beneath the Sea 2022

Payson Park, Portland, Maine -TempoArts Commission

Beneath the Forest, Beneath the Sea is comprised of 3 monumental steel sculptures sheathed in what the fishing industry calls, ghost gear, or abandoned fishing gear. I have rescued over ten-tons of abandoned nets and ropes from recycling centers and the ocean with the help of the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation and the Center for Coastal Studies in Cape Cod. A teaching artist, I  teamed up with over 5600 collaborators from my work in schools, museums, environmental organizations, and retirement homes. There is such strength in gathering community to build a public work of art addressing climate change. These whimsical interactive sculptures inspire environmental conversations and invite visitors to tell stories,  picnic, dance, play or just reflect. They are a gathering place of great joy. 

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