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Materials: recycled textiles, vintage objects, Velcro, green flooring squares, glitz, endless materials recovered from the waste stream, balsam, and a soundscape of birds.
Dimensions Variable. Installation at Speedwell Projects Gallery & the Cedars Retirement Community. 2020-2021

My first version of this project was designed as a multi-sensory room for the Cedars Retirement Community. This modular-multi-sensory installation is completely interactive and combines music, tactile sensations, vintage memory recall elements, scent, and sound. Forest is comprised of twenty green Velcro- squares that can be moved and interchanged. Every textile element is movable, as velcro is stitched to the back-side of every textile piece. The entire piece can be manipulated and infinitely changed. There are no wrong compositions and a world of sensations to discover!

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